Clarke County History

a brief early account of the county

Clarke County was formed in December,1812 from Washington Co, Alabama by an act of the legislature of the Mississippi Territory. Before the whiteman's arrival, the Choctaw Indians inhabited the territory which includes the present-day boundaries of Clarke Co..

The first "pale faces" to arrive in the area were the Spainard, FernandoDeSoto and his approximately 600 men, 24 ecclesiastics and 20 officersin October, 1540. The next visit to the area by whites was 240 years later in 1800 when settlers began to arrive.

In 1813, there took place battles between the Creek nation and the white settlers. The most famous of these battles in Clarke County were Fort Sinquefield, Bashi Skirmish and the Canoe Fight. No further trouble was had with the Indians after the Canoe Fight.

When the first cannon was fired at Fort Sumter in 1861, organization of troops began in haste. Several companies were organized in the county.They were as follows: Grove Hill Guards, J. M. Hall, captain; Suggsville Grays, Rugus Lankford, captain; Clarke County Rangers, S. B. Cleveland,captain; and Dickerson's Guards, Daniel McLeod, captain.

The county has an area of about 1,200 square miles, or 768,000 square acres with the county seat located at Grove Hill.

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Clarke County, Alabama

Clarke County, Alabama

Clarke County is a county of the U.S. state of Alabama. The county was created by the legislature of the Mississippi Territory in 1812. It is named in honor of General John Clarke of Georgia, who was later elected governor of that state.

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