Clarke County Alabama Marriages, 1814-1834

Marriage Records Volume A


6 April 1814 Samuel Wilson and Lucinda Heaton Pg.1

21 April 1814 John D. Lowery and Tabytha Hill Pg.1

10 May 1814 Amos Robinson and Axey Pugh, dau. of Elijah Pugh Pg.2

12 July 1814 Jesse Wilkerson and Ealey White Pg.2

1 September 1814 Robert H. Phillips and Fanny Axem Pg.3

2 October 1814 William Sanson and Nancy Stinson Pg.3

6 November 1814 Omstemus Futch and Patience Brown, dau. of Bartlet Brown Pg.4

12 November 1814 Joseph Jackson and Jenny Smith Pg.4

15 November 1814 Kinchen Rabia and Betsey Gilmore, dau. of John Gilmore Pg.5

12 December 1814 David Smith and Betey (Elizabeth) Pugh, dau. of Robert Pugh Pg.5

27 December 1814 John Glass and Lucinda Cove Pg.6

7 January 1815 George Phillips and Jean Hearn Pg.6

5 January 1815 William Foster and Jamima Welch Pg.7

17 January 1815 Jesse Pugh, (son of Elijah Pugh) and Elizabeth Robinson Pg.7

17 January 1815 Henry Franklin and Barbara Cox, dau. of JohnCox Pg.8

22 January 1815 Matthew Wilson and Nancy Lee Pg.8

16 January 1815 William Phillips and Peggy Rogers Pg.9

26 January 1815 Seaborn Cobb and Martha (Patsy) McMellon Pg.9

03 February 1815 Joseph Wheat and Malinda Bruster Pg.10

02 April 1815 James L. Phillips and Nancy McGrew Pg.10

12 March 1815 Edward Easley and Milly WalkerPg.11

25 June 1815 Dabney Edwards and Susannah GriffinPg.11

28 June 1815 Matthias Walker and Elaner Dodd, dau. of Richard Dodd Pg.12

13 July 1815 Joab Fletcher and Elizabeth Moore Pg.12

28 July 1815 George Dees and Reaschel Phillips Pg.13

27 July 1815 John Files and Martha Benge Pg.14

07 August 1815 John Welch and Frances Arnold Pg.14

09 June 1815 Robert Caller and Harriet Findly Pg.15

24 September 1815 John D. Rodgers and Celia Patton Pg.15

12 November 1815 Samuel Matthews and Drewsilla Anderson Pg.16

04 January 1816 Wright Woodward and Hester Bayzer Pg.16

13 December 1815 George P. Dennis and Caty Edwards Pg.17

17 December 1815 Moses Pickings and Permelia Kirkham Pg.17

16 January 1816 James Reed and Pheariba Wills Pg.18

04 March 1816 Wiley Hickely and Elizabeth Hammond Pg.18

25 February 1816 Samuel Windham and Elizabeth Austeel Pg.19

16 February 1816 George Waldrum and Kelly Gill Pg.19

06 September 1816 Richard Singleberry and Susanna Bradly Pg.20

14 February 1816 Absalom Sizemore and Susannah Autrey Pg.20

12 August 1815 Stephen Evans and Tibitha Sinkfield Pg.21

16 April 1815 Charles Findley and Elizabeth Woodward Pg.21

03 December 1815 Wiley Jones and Sally Morgan Pg.22

20 March 1816 Willis Smith and Sally Edwards Pg.22

05 May 1816 William Green and Anges Ray Pg.23

19 May 1816 Edward Bayzer and Elizabeth Hill Pg.23

08 July 1816 Alex McGrew and Elizabeth Thomas Pg.24

16 July 1816 William Murrell and Mary Hill Pg.24

09 July 1816 Jesse B. Irwin and Sarah Wilson Pg.25

20 June 1816 Daniel Davis and Elizabeth GravesPg.25

10 February 1816 James Green and Elizabeth HeatonPg.26

04 July 1816 William Boykin and Anaky Towns Pg.26

15 August 1816 John C. Anderson and Cyntha Harper Pg.27

18 July 1816 Frances Coyler and Susannah Lee Pg.27

04 November 1816 HiramDaniel and Anny Gilliam Pg.28

03 September 1816 William Dodridge and Polly Arnold Pg.28

22 October 1816 William Cochran and Doretha Ethridge Pg.29

24 November 1816 Joel E. Stone and Martha Biddle Pg.29

01 December 1816 Dixon Boutwell and Cathrena LillyPg.30

24 November 1816 James Young and Delila DaffinPg.30

05 December 1816 John McIntyre and Mary PickingsPg.31

05 December 1816 David Taylor and Judith C. ParkerPg.31

07 January 1817 Thomas Cox and Cyntha Westbrook Pg.32

11 December 1816 Hays Rogers and Mary Scott Pg.32

02 January 1817 Jesse B. Landrum and Elizabeth RogersPg.33

02 January 1817 Isiah Wilson and Fanny Wilkerson Pg.33

09 January 1817 Eli Rieves and MaryLowrey Pg.34

17 November 1816 Richard Wamock and Sarah Dent Pg.35

02 July 1816 Thomas Langham and Elizabeth Cochran Pg.35

27 February 1817 James B. Lee and Margaret Anderson Pg.36

04 April 1816 Elijah Ward and Sarah CochranPg.36

12 March 1817 William Curtis and Mary DoodPg.37

18 March 1817 Alexander Kilpatrick and Judith T. J. McGrew Pg.37

06 April 1817 Lewis Henderson and Nancy CoxPg.38

24 April 1817 Abner Wilson, son of James Wilson and
Mary Landrum, dau of Cathrena LandrumPg.38

09 March 1817 William McDaniel and Lucinda MartainPg.39

28 May 1817 Samuel Wilson and Cathrena LandrumPg.39

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