The Elington Drinkard Family Bible

The Elington Drinkard Family Bible
Philadelphia: Published by Edward W. Miller, Artisan Bldg., Ranstead Place 1840
The original is in the hands of Drinkard Researcher Janie Prince Houston, Texas



Elington Drinkard was born June 22 AD 1799 Tabith Drinkard was born December 34 AD 1804 (She Was a Mobley) Jeremiah Drinkard was born October 10 AD 1819 William Drinkard was born June 2 AD 1821 Elizabeth Drinkard was born April 17 AD 1823 Lemuel Drinkard was born February 1 AD 1825 John M. Drinkard was born January 7 AD 1827 Jesse Drinkard was born April 4 AD 1829 Mary Drinkard was born February 26 AD 1831 W. J.(G) Drinkard was born February 7 1833 F. E. Drinkard (Frances) was born November 16 1834 Allen Drinkard was born May 5 AD 1837 Jerusa A. Drinkard was born April 30 AD 1839 Marion Drinkard was born March 10 AD 1843 Sarah E. Drinkard was born December 27 AD 1845 (d. 4 April 1896)


Marion Drinkard died August 12 AD 1859 Jermiah Drinkard deid May 17 AD 1857 Tabitha Drinkard died December 14 AD 1859 (Marengo Co.) Elington Drinkard died August 8 AD 1873 Sallie E. Taylor died April 4 1846

No marriage records in the Bible

I am a descendant of Elington/Jeremiah Drinkard. Will share or appreciate any information on this or other Drinkard families in Alabama Elington and descendants were found in both Marengo and Clarke Co., Alabama. Any information will be appreciated. M. Mathis mathis@web-access net.


  I, G. W. Trawick being of sound mind and disposing memory do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament herby revoking all therin the following words to-wit: First after paying all my just and lawful debts, I will and bequeath to my wife Sarah Trawick all my property both real and personal during her natural life with this proviso, that after my death should my said wife Sarah Trawick marry again then I wish my property both real and personal to be divided between her and my childred as the law directs. Second It is my will that my wife Sarah Trawick shall act as executrix of this my last will and testament. In testimony wherof I have herento sent my hand this Twenty eighth day of January one thousand eight hundred and sixty four. In presence of W. H. Abernathy M. Kimbrough W. H. Slade Green W. Trawick

Petition for Probate of last Will and Testament.

The State of Alabama Clark County.

To the Hon. the Probate Court of Said County. The ndersigned execuutrix of the estate of G. W. Trawick late of said county, deceased , on the 22 day of February, 1864, repectfully represents unto your Honor that said decedent at his death left a last will and testament, which he herwith present for Probate. She further represent unto your Honor that she Sarah Trawic widow of said decedent Ransom H. Trawick, Mary Ann, Martha W., Ramah C. and Emma G Trawick, minors and children of said Trawick, deceased are heirs, and the only ones, at law of said decedent, that they reside in said county. And she respectfully asks your Honor to make an order appointing a day for the probate of said will and issue notices therof to the said interested parties and make any other orders or issues in the pre....., that your Honor may deem , meet, and .... This day 11th A.D. 1869 /s/ Sarah Trawick, Executrix.

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